What is working principle ?
Plants work on heating, filtration and vacuum dehydration & degassing principle

What type of oils can be purified ?
Both mineral and synthetic insulating oils can be purified. The same can be used for purifying other oils such as hydraulic oil, turbine oil, thermic fluid, cutting oil, etc. with some modifications

Type of plants available:
Stationary, Portable mounted on castors, Mobile mounted on trailer plants are available with single and two stage degassing system

Working vacuum of the plant:

In case of plants with single stage degassing working vacuum is 3 to 10 torr and in case of plants with two stage degassing system working vacuum is 0.1 to 0.3 torr. Plants with 0.01 torr can be also offered

In how many passes required oil test results will be achieved ?
In case of single stage plants required oil results will be achieved in three to five passes and in case of two stage plants results will be achieved in one to two passes

Whether transformer oil can be filtered online ?
Yes, transformer oil can be filtered online but of course at lower load

Advantages of our plants
Low operating cost due to high vacuum filtration with rotary oil sealed pumps
Plants with minimum and easy maintenance
Custom built Plants