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Batch Type Trickle Impregnating Machines


We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Trickle Impregnating Machines, Batch Type Trickle Impregnating Machines and majorly we serve our products to customers from all over India (including Satara, Maharashtra, India etc.), & Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Iraq, Nepal, Bangladesh, Zambia, Equator, Egypt, Turkey etc.

Trickle Varnish Impregnating Machine is suitable for pre-heating, trickling and post heating of stators. The machine is simple and compact in design. It is easy for operation and maintenance. It is ideally suitable for batch type production of stators. The machine is suitable for carrying out following automatic cycle.

  • Load stators on spindles, connect winding wires, close the front door & start cycle with push button.
  • Spindles start rotating and get pre-heated to predetermined temperature.
  • emperature of stator is sensed by non contact TIC.
  • Spindle holding plate is tilted up and varnish pipes are tilted down to adjust the place of trickling.
  • Varnish pump starts and pre determined varnish is trickled on stators / rotors and pump stops.
  • Trickle Temperature is maintained with the non contact TIC
  • Spindle holding plate is tilted down and varnish pipes are tilted up and post heating starts.
  • After completing the post heating spindles, stop.
  • Open the door & remove wire connections and Un-load the ready stators.
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Trickle Varnishing Machine Consists Of Following Major Components.

  • Rotation Systems

    Spindles for holding job fixtures are mounted on swiveling L-plate. Spindles are mounted on pillow blocks and provided with slip rings for passing current through winding during preheating and curing. Electric connection pins are provided on the faceplates for quick terminal connections. Suitable job holding arrangement is provided to hold & locate the stators. Spindles are rotated by geared motor, chain, sprockets mounted on L-plate.

  • Job tilting and Varnish tubes Positioning Systems

    L-plate is tilted by 10 to 15° to ensure varnish reaching the other end & metered varnish is trickled on the job. Job is made horizontal after varnish trickling i.e. while curing for uniform distribution of varnish. Pneumatic job tilting & pipe positioning arrangement is provided to ensure the place of varnish trickling on the job.

  • Varnish Feeding Systems

    Varnish is fed by peristaltic tube pumps driven by D.C. motors with variable speed control to control varnish quantity according to the models. Varnish quantity is varied & controlled by setting pump speed and trickle time.

  • Heating Systems

    Jobs are heated by passing pre determined current for pre determined time through job windings. The current passing through the jobs is controlled by step-less variable voltage D.C. power source. Pre heating, Trickle and curing temperatures are controlled with non contact thermo sensor.

  • Centralized control panels

    PLC Control with easy setting and control of process parameters such as preheating, trickling and curing time and temperature, varnish Quantity, etc.

  • Fumes Extraction Systems

    One exhaust fan with ducting is provided on the top of the machine for varnish fumes extraction.